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4 Myths about RoofTop Solar, Busted!


Have you noticed that more and more home-owners — perhaps some in your own neighborhood — are opting for roof-top solar panels to supply environmentally friendly and cost-effective power to their homes? While there are numerous advantages to solar, coal continues to power the majority of U.S. homes. One reason that traditional, non-renewable energy sources remain dominant is lack of education, and misinformation. Solar technology is changing so rapidly that unless you do regular research, your information might be out of date. Here are some common myths about roof-top solar, debunked…

  1. “Buying and installing the roof-panel infrastructure will be so expensive that we won’t see the energy savings for decades.” The truth is that solar panel prices have been steadily dropping over the past 30 years, due to increased demand and more efficient manufacturing processes. In fact, this data shows that solar panel prices are over 100 times lower today than they were in 1977, and are expected to continue to decline. Many homeowners begin to see savings within the first few years of integrating solar power — quicker if your state offers tax incentives for going solar.
  2. “Power from roof-top solar panels will be spotty, and when it’s overcast I’ll have power outages.” The truth is, solar panels generate electricity even in fog and cloudy weather. Heavy cloud-cover will decrease the output, but your panels will still be able to generate power from the diffuse light that shines through clouds. Also, some panels are designed to harness a broader range of the sunlight spectrum, with increased functionality in all weather. Most solar-powered residences are “grid-tied,” meaning they receive power from the local grid when their systems aren’t generating enough power — so even long spells of heavy cloud-cover won’t mean power outages.
  3.  “Solar panels require expensive and difficult maintenance.” This one is just not true. Solar panels require almost no maintenance. Removing occasional debris is about the only maintenance you’ll ever need to do. In most cases, rain takes care of this for you.
  4. “Solar panels will cause my roof to rot and/or collapse.” In reality, solar panels offer wonderful protection to your roof, and roofs that host solar panels are likely to last longer.

If you’re starting to see the light and getting curious about integrating solar energy into your home, and you want to know more, SolyMoly is a great resource to further your solar educationContact us to consult with experts who can answer your questions and guide you through every step of the process.



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