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Solar energy technology that uses unique properties of semiconductors to convert sunlight into energy directly.When PV cells, or solar cells, are combined into larger systems called modules, they produce energy with no moving parts, noise, or pollution.

Solar panel powered homes

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An inverter is a device that converts DC power from the solar panels to AC power that can be used for your home and business. The inverter is wired directly into the main electric panel when more power is being generated than consumed; the meter runs backward.


Electric panel

The electrical panel is the first service to your home or business. It is where the power is supplied to the building from the utility company and where you draw power for consumption in the building. The electric panel also includes the meter which records the power consumption.



Grid-tied systems operate in parallel with and are connected to the electric utility grid. Most residential PV systems are grid-tied, which allows you to reduce or even eliminate your monthly electricity bills without having to change your lifestyle.


Net Metering

A policy under which a solar system owner can generate electricity during daylight hours and consume grid power overnight and settle the utility bill either monthly or annually for the net amount consumed. There is no payment from the utility for excess generation over the net metering period, so SolyMoly will size your system to meet your specific needs.

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