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The Solar installation process doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Here is the high-level process:

Schedule a Solar Consultation:

As a first step, we will work with you to evaluate your needs. We will walk you through the A-Z of solar, incentives, production to show you how much you can expect to save on your electric bill and then present various finance options. You will then be asked to provide copies of your most recent electricity bills.



Whether you do a no-money-down loan from one of our investment partners, or through your bank or a straight cash purchase, we will walk you through the steps to make the process as easy and smooth as possible. Once approved for loan or lease, Solymoly will provide a purchase proposal and contract for planning, system commissioning and build process.


Design, Engineering, and Permitting:

We will then begin planning and filing for all applicable permits. However, all plan sets will be reviewed and signed by homeowners.



Once all permits have been approved and issued, we will begin ordering equipment for your installation and schedule a construction start date. You get to sit back and relax as we install your solar PV system.


System Commissioning and Inspections:

After the installation is complete, we will request all applicable inspections required to approve your solar PV system. You are ready to start producing clean, renewable energy and start saving on your electric bill.

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