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New York’s Progressive Solar Policies: Individuals and Businesses Both Win

As always, New York leads the pack when it comes to innovative policy.  According to a March 2015 Mother Jones article, the state’s lofty goal of an eighty percent reduction in 1990 levels of greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050, isn’t just idle chat. According to the article,

“New York ranks ninth overall for total installed solar, and in 2013 alone it added enough to power more than 10,000 homes.”

New Yorkers are flocking to alternative energy so rapidly that the state’s demand for electricity, through its traditional utilities is dwindling. The net result of the flight to renewable energy is that the role of utility companies is shifting from providing energy to facilitating its flow through a multitude of self-sufficient systems.

Governor Cuomo supported New York’s innovative approach to solar, by launching a statewide program in August 2014, to provide incentives for all solar users, resulting in energy affordability, sustainability, efficiency and decentralization. Some of the lynchpins of the NY-Sun program include:

  • Consumer and community solar education
  • Streamlining of permitting and inspection processes
  • Creating solar accessibility for low to moderate income users
  • Reducing the costs of components needed to construct systems

Similar to New York’s approach, SolyMoly has brought together cooperative resources in the form of experts from a variety of fields including:

  • Solar Domain Professionals
  • Marketing
  • Business Strategy
  • Application Architecture
  • Call Center Professionals

SolyMoly is a dynamic online tool that offers residential homeowners the tools and expertise to adopt rooftop solar arrays for home energy production.  Visit our website to try our free online Solar Estimator or  contact us to find out the best and most cost-effective option for your rooftop residential solar system.


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