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Commonly used appliances with Solar Energy

Commonly used appliances with Solar Energy

Solar Energy works well with many home appliances. The following are some of the commonly used appliances at home that can benefit from Solar

The following are some of the commonly used machines at home that can benefit from Solar power:


A home appliance like a fridge is perfect for solar since it consumes only 168-watt hours a day. A 225-liter fridge will only spend 198-watt hours a day.


Multisystem LED flat panel TVs are energy efficient and start around $200.

Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens can draw enormous amounts of power for a short time. Expect to draw up to 1500 watts when in use.


Laptops average 60 watts. Laptop computer consumes most power during start-up. Most laptops have an energy saver mode. The battery will charge quicker when the laptop is powered down. The average laptop can draw no more than 65 watts. Laptops use less power than desktops.

Coffee Maker

Single cup coffee makers without a heated water reservoir are an energy-efficient choice for one or two cups a day.

For more than one or two cups, brew coffee and then pour the coffee in a thermos to avoid the use of the coffee maker’s warming element.

Electric Car

Yes, you can have a solar-powered home and charge an electric car.

You’ll need approximately 12 kWh a day for a full-size car.

One option is to have a stand-alone system for your vehicle with its solar array and batteries.

A less expensive option is to power your car through a grid-tied solar system. Any power that would otherwise be transferred back to the grid is used to charge your car.

There are several apps that let you keep track of daily power usage. This allows you to know how much power is available to charge your car.

“Cars are fed surplus juice through fast-charging stations that sit on the side of a driveway. There is specially designed software runs through the electricity meters corresponding to the PV system, household power and the electric car, collecting usage data and notifying homeowners of their daily energy consumption through an app. Users can then control a station directly from the application or inform themselves on the estimated completion time of any given charge.”

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