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Using Windows as Solar Energy Collectors

Using Windows as Solar Energy Collectors

When you think of residential solar energy, you usually imagine roofs of homes and buildings covered with photovoltaic panels, soaking up sunlight and transforming it into electricity.

According to Engadget, researchers at Michigan State University have found a way to turn windows, the one underutilized catcher of sunshine, into solar energy collectors.

The way the new technology works is that organic materials embedded in the window panes soak up infrared and ultraviolet light, letting the visible light on through.

The light is “pushed” to the edges of the pane where solar cells are implanted to convert them to electricity.

Thus far, the technology, which only has a one percent efficiency, is not commercially viable.

But the MSU researchers are confident that they can boost that energy to 5%, still far less than the 18 to 20 percent of standard PV cells, but along with the flexibility of windows, could make the technology a game changer.

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

Welcome to the world of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).  Ask Solymoly how some behavioral, as well as structural additions, could do wonders for the environment and money savings. 

You can imagine a future in which every window in every home or building can become a solar energy collector. Some windows used in modern building constitute lots of surface area and therefore a source for a great deal of clean, renewable solar energy.

Charge all devices using Solar energy. Even predict your use of energy based on $/kWh and accordingly plan a grid assisted system.  

Using sun to recharge electric car batteries

Do you have questions about converting your home into a Solar +ve home? Ask Solymoly.com.



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