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Switching to Solar Energy: Suggestions for the Uncertain Homeowner


Even with the promise of potentially non-existent power bills, some homeowners are hesitant to consider converting their homes to solar. Too often these individuals believe that the installation costs are exorbitant and cannot be recouped easily. This is unfortunate because many who have made the switch have discovered that Solar Energy is more affordable than ever before. For those that are still concerned about the cost, aesthetics and reliability of solar power, there are numerous ways to ease into this clean form of renewable energy.


Start small by powering a garden shed, garage or workshop first rather than the home. This is an inexpensive way to see how solar looks and works. Property owners become familiar with the installation methods and have the definitive proof of the savings that are possible.

Get a free estimate. In many instances people discover that the installation costs are lower than they expected. Rebates and tax credits also lower the expense and energy calculators can calculate the expected energy savings. The result is often surprising.

Learn the truth about solar energy. Even in cloudy weather solar panels can still generate power. Rooftop panels are able to protect the surface of the roof beneath them and require very little maintenance over their lifetime. Another fact, solar panels boost home value. Studies have shown that their installation can increase the price of the home even more than a gourmet kitchen.

When you are ready to discover the whole truth about the cost and practicality of solar power, contact us. We offer experts in the field of renewable energy that are happy to answer any of your questions.


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