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Why does California lead the nation in residential solar?

The sunny state of California leads the nation in solar power projects. Considered to be one of the most progressive states in the United States, it’s only natural that residents understand the value of installing sustainable energy systems! Over 3,217 watts have been installed as of 2015! Rooftop solar panels also help residents save money in the long run. Californian residents who install solar panel systems may be eligible for tax rebates and other savings.

Traditional electricity is connected to a grid which produces power from coal and other unsustainable sources. Moving away from reliance on these sources of energy will require more than government and commercial effort. California is pushing the solar incentive to make sustainable energy accessible for residents as well! Under the Emergency Economic Energy Stabilization Act of 2008, home and business owners are eligible to receive tax benefits for solar panel installation. Division B of this act states that tax credits are available through 2016 for solar energy, fuel cell, and microturbine property. In addition to this, tax credits are no longer distributed on a fixed amount per project, but scalable. As of 2009, the solar ITC for residential system owners is 30% of the total system cost!

It’s time to investigate solar options. Rooftop solar panel installation is one of the best decisions one can make regarding their energy system. SolyMoly allows families and individuals to make informed decisions regarding their solar panel installation! Comparing cost, environmental impact, and other services allows better savings, and higher energy efficiency overall. Take advantage of the many resources that SolyMoly has to offer today.


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